Available courses

This is the NRA Probationary Training Course, customised for the West of Edinburgh Shooting Club (WESC) and Lothian and Borders Rifle Club (L&BRC).

The first time you access the course you will be prompted for the enrollment key (see bottom of this page) - if you don't have a key, email safeshooting@agurney.com with your name and club to request one.

This on-line course is provided so that members and probationary members can prepare for the practical and written assessments that are required for their annual certificate of competence.


The MoD requires all civilian organisations using military ranges to have an auditable system of training based on a specific risk assessment. In response, the NRA has developed a Safe Shooting System (SSS), which has been approved by the MoD. All clubs affiliated to the NRA who use military ranges must adopt the NRA Safe Shooting System. Civilian shooters must also have an annual certificate of competence signed by their Club Chairman.

Some aspects of the NRA course are not appropriate due to the disciplines that are shot at the clubs, but they're worth knowing anyway.

Safe Shooting Assessment

At the end of the course there is a quiz comprising 25 questions. Some of the answers can be found in the SSS, some should be common knowledge (or common sense) and will have been encountered on the range.

100% pass rate is expected for this annual measure of competency.

You can have several attempts at the quiz. A record is kept of the questions asked, your responses and how long you took to answer each question (but there is no time limit for the quiz).

  • This quiz and the accompanying training materials form part of WESC's and L&BRC's audited system of training