Bagh Gleann nam Muc

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There are two bays in the Gulf of Corryvreckan with good holding. Despite the torrent raging a few cables away there is little in the way of current in the bays, so you will be wind-rode rather than tide-rode.

Because the bays can only be easily accessed for a short period at slack water you have to plan your arrival and departure accordingly - don't plan on stopping here for lunch unless you don't mind waiting for the next tide.

Bagh Gleann nam Muc


  • If the tide has been turned for an hour, you know nobody else will join you
  • If there's a sea running with a touch of west it will only be noticeable in the anchorage at slack water - the Great Race takes care of that
  • Superb sunsets in the summer months
  • Wildlife - otters, deer, porpoises + the usual suspects


  • If you misjudge the tide the approach can be very uncomfortable, especially if crossing the race from the West of Scarba at the end of the flood.
  • If you decide you don't want to stay you have to get out quick or you'll be stuck
  • The Gulf of Corryvreckan can be intimidating, and is downright dangerous in strong winds.
  • If you go for a wander through the undergrowth remember to check for ticks. 
Baigh Gleann nam Muc






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